The Roots of my Raisin' Tour - October 2018

October 9th thru 16th I'm heading down south for the "Roots of my Raisin" tour!  This little trip will pass through the towns and cities where my parents and grandparents were born.

We begin on 10/10 in Borger, Texas.  My mother (Corrine Jean Bulger) was born there!  We will be at the Ol Oasis in the evening for some Karaoke fun.

Then on 10/11 we will be in Clovis, New Mexico where my dad (Jack M. Reese) was born.  I will be playing at Kelley's from 6pm to 7pm and might stick around for some karaoke after that too!

I am really stoked about this next one... on 10/12 I am playing at Ol Red in Tishomingo!  I play from 5:30 to 8:30.  I'm a big Blake Shelton fan so it's a thrill to get to play at this venue that is named after one of his hit songs :-) None of my ancestors were born in Tishomingo, but when this opportunity came up, i couldn't pass it up!

Next is Prairie Grove on 10/13.  It's the hometown of my paternal grandparents (Willie Reese & Serena Jones).  I will be at the Crazy Horse Saloon on Saturday night. I haven't been able to reach them but if they're open, I'll be there!

On 10/14 I'll be visiting my lovely niece (Sarah) and her fiance (David) in Tulsa and I will be performing at the Singer Songwriter Matinee at The Colony at 5:30.

And then (drum roll please)...   On my birthday (10/15) I will visit the birthplace of my maternal grandfather (Sylvester Bulger), Muskogee, Oklahoma!  As a Haggard fan, this place means a lot to me and I'm thrilled that I'm going to perform at the famous "Max's Garage" in Muskogee on Monday from 1pm to 5pm!  The next day, we jump on the plane and head back home.