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This is it - this week!!!!!  The Highwaymen tribute show is Saturday at Lake City Center and I'm playing Waylon in this show!  There are only a few tickets left for this show - check here for tickets.

If you were not able to get tickets.. you do have another chance to see the Highwmen.  On Friday, we (me, Bobby Bremer, Joey Anderson and Miller's Sun will be doing a run through at the Fischin Hole in Medical Lake at 7 pm 


Colville and Highwaymen 

This Friday night at 6:30, Chrissy Summering and I will be at the Pour House in Colville, WA 

And then next week I'm going to Nashville to do some cowrites!  

When I get back, 10/19 I am going to part of an ensemble that is doing a "Highwaymen Tribute Show".  I am performing as Waylon in this show!  Click here for more information.


This weekend...

I have two shows in the Silver Valley with Chrissy Summering.  Last Sunday night, Chrissy got the "Top Live Performance" award at the IN-CMA awards show - so this is going to be GREAT!  Here is a link to us performing at the wards show 

FRIDAY - The Snake Pit, Kingston ID 6pm

SATURDAY - Noah's Canteen, Kellogg ID 6pm

Next up...

Next week I have a show out in Colville WA and also we are going to record some more episodes for the singer songwriter podcast.

And then - I'm going to Nashville October 8th thru the 16th and I will doing some cowrites with a hit songwriter (details to follow).

And then... October 19th - "The Highwaymen Tribute".  I will be playing the part of Waylon Jennings in this show!  




Chili cook-off, Cosmic Cowboys and INKEES :-) 

First, the INKEEs....

I am nominated this year for 1.5 IN-CMA Awards.  First I am nominated for Male Vocalist and then also nominated along with Chrissy for Solo/Duo!  This is a really a great honor for me and I'm humbled to be named along side the other amazing people.  If you didn't catch WHO is nominated, you can see that at

The awards show is sure to be off the hook greatness.  15 artists and bands will be performing that night and Rick Marshall (K102 DJ) is the MC.  I can get you in for cheap or even free - just play your cards right ;-) 

Right now there is a 40% discount code that will work until 9/10 - so if you go get tickets at just enter the promo code incma40

Also, if you are an INCMA member, you can get a code for 50% off at

But it you are Rusty Jackson Super Fan, then CONTACT ME and ask for the FREE CODE - the first 5 people that do that will get two free tickets each!


Chrissy and I have two shows this Saturday

1) Spokane Tribes Casino - CHILI COOK OFF

1 to 4 pm

2) Cosmic Cowboy Grill - CDA

5:30 to 8:30 pm

Life is a Journey! 

"Life is a journey and not a destination".  Ralph Waldo Emerson said that and despite his somewhat funny name, he made a good point.  Many times I'm like that kid in the back seat asking "ARE WE THERE YET?" when instead, I should be enjoying the ride! 

The "ride" is sometimes bumpy and sometimes you have to pull off and ask for directions but the view is spectacular if I just look around and take it in. 

This week is a great milestone for me.  We are doing a show that I've been working on my whole life.  When I was young (well, really I am still young, so "when I was youngER") I was exposed to country music.  My dad was the main person that was playing and singing country songs.  My siblings and I weren't very interested.  We had the Beach Boys and the Beatles on the radio.  But then something happened.  The pop/rock music became more and more confused (like "Sgt Pepper") and country music suddenly got more real (like "Lonesome Fugitive").  I found myself loving that country music that dad was playing. 

As a student of history, I wanted to know more about country music and dad was glad to oblige.  He introduced me to the musical heroes from his youth - The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers.  At first, I didn't get it.  The music sounded primitive and elementary.  But later I realized that was the point.  These pioneers captured these wild songs and started creating what would become the foundation for modern recorded music.  

And so, I've been working on this show "The History of Country Music" for some time now.  Saturday night, we're going to perform the show for you - but it will still be evolving.  I hope you can join me on Saturday as we walk down memory lane and celebrate the contributions that these great artists made to the soundtrack of our lives!

Click on the SHOWS tab for more info!