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Rusty Jackson

Rusty Jackson has a story... it started when he was 9 years old when he saw a movie about the life and music of Hank Williams. At that young age, Rusty knew that he wasted to be a singer songwriter. As he discovered others, like Johnny Cash, James Taylor, Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard, his desire to communicate with songs grew and grew.  

As a teenager, Rusty began performing and writing and he was actively pitching songs to publishers and artists that he met.  He had the privilege of opening for some legendary country stars like Ernest Tubb and Little Jimmie Dickens. At age 21, Rusty married and shortly after that he decided to stop playing country music and just play music in church.  During that period a lot happened - his first marriage ended in divorce but during that first marriage he became the "adoptive" dad to 5 great kids!  Then he met and married his second wife and she had one child as well, so Russ and his new wife had six kids!  

Russ and his new wife (Wendy) worked hard to provide for their family and soon, the kids were grown.  As Rusty and Wendy faced the world as "empty nesters", they both began to think about their childhood dreams.  Wendy had always wanted to write a novel.  And so she did!  In fact she began working on a trilogy of sci-fi fantasy books and in 2015, the first book was published.  At the same time, Rusty decided to revisit his childhood dream of being a singer songwriter.  He started performing and wrote a few songs! 

Tragedy struck in March of 2016 - Wendy was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer.  She was given just a few months to live.  Rusty and Wendy hoped and prayed that she would be healed and in fact she did live much longer than expected - a year full after that diagnosis.  It was an intense, tragic yet blessed year.  In retrospect, Rusty says that he is so grateful for that year.  He is glad that he was able to be her caregiver and he's thankful for the decades that they had together.

Now, with his wife gone, Rusty had to face a future without her. He wondered how he would keep his mind from constantly asking "WHY?"  Just a few weeks after she passed, he had an idea.  He thought to himself, "I know what I'll do - I will write songs and record an album and then go on tour".  As soon as he had that thought, another thought crossed his mind - his inner voice answered back "that was your childhood dream, it's too late for that now".  Rusty's response was to start composing.  He wrote the song, "Never too Late" and that song became the title cut of his first album!  

Rusty made that album/CD and his first tour happened in January of 2018.  He has since cut a second album.  He did a tour in October 2018 and January/February 2019 and May of 2019 and is currently dreaming of a tour to the UK.

When Rusty performs, you hear all of the life experience that he's had coming thru the songs.  Whether it's covers of the songs by his influences or heartfelt originals or funny songs/stories - the years of love, loss and triumph are heard.  It is truly a memorable experience!     

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